Effective and Innovative STEAM Lab for Kids: Idea Lab International Franchise Co.

Idea Lab International Franchise Co. is an educational institution that designs hands-on learning programs and curricula. One of their programs is STEAM lab for kids—where STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This is quite similar to STEM education, but the approach is more innovative and catered to younger minds.

What is the STEAM lab for kids? 

This program encompasses all the aspects of STEM with the additional subject area of Art. STEAM programs aren’t new. Many progressive schools are already using this approach because they believe that design thinking and creativity are essential ingredients for innovation. STEAM lab for kids helps young minds see problems through the lens of STEAM, ultimately teaching them how to apply their various skills to diverse projects.

Through this program, children can practice and challenge their creativity, problem-solving, flexibility, adaptation, and communication. They learn to work in a team, formulate questions, and find solutions to problems. Social, cultural, and emotional skills are also developed.

How is Idea Lab’s STEAM program different from others?

Idea Lab International Franchise Co. offers unique classes, camps, workshops, and events for kids centered around fun, engaging, and hands-on activities that require a great deal of imagination. Kids will not only imagine but also explore, discover, and achieve things that they will be proud of. Subjects include entrepreneurship, augmented reality, coding, programming, video production, culinary, robotics, 3D printing, and more. All these are taught in a way that promotes creativity, innovativeness, leadership, critical thinking, and collaboration.

What are the benefits of the STEAM lab for kids? 

Like any school or learning institution, Idea Lab Inc. aims to help children acquire future-ready skills and hone the learning competencies that they need when they grow up. It prepares kids, as young as they are, for the challenges they will encounter not only in school but also everywhere.