Private Camps: The Perfect Solution for Kids during COVID-19

The current health crisis is changing the way we do a lot of things—including ourSTEAM camps. That’s why IDEA Lab Kids is offering private camps this year. They are exactly what they sound like: small-group STEAM camps for your kids and their closest friends. You can choose who to include to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe while enjoying fun hands-on STEAM experiences.


Our private camps can be held in your home or any venue of your choosing. You can expect the same interdisciplinary approach to learning across STEAM disciplines. Our instructors will make learning an exciting and engaging experience, empowering your little campers to be makers—not just academic learners. They will prepare all the tools needed to introduce children in your group to a wide range of STEAM topics—from robotics to animation to 3D printing, and much more!


 As usual, all content is presented in accessible and entertaining ways. Our instructors are trained to facilitate a collaborative and stimulating learning environment for all your campers. Your kids will have fun with their friends while learning skills and concepts that they can use throughout their lives. 


What’s great about private camps is that we can keep the teacher to camper ratio low, so every child gets the attention they need. Everyone can participate in fun activities—no one will be left out. Our teachers can also provide immediate feedback and support to each child. 


 At IDEA Lab Kids, we believe that learning is not just about reading books—it’s about creating, sharing, and collaborating. Our goal is to encourage kids to be curious, innovative, and think of creative solutions and possibilities. Talk to us today if you’re interested in hosting a private camp for your kids and their friends.