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IDEA Lab Kids after-school programs encompasses all of the components of STEAM learning. IDEA Lab Kids offers multiple convenient options for parents and students alike:

Semesterly Classes

Hour-long classes held on the same day and time each week focusing on STEAM (STEM + Arts) education. Select to attend once-a-week for a set number of weeks.

With this after-school option, you can select any STEAM class(es) featured on our After-School schedule to attend once a week. This option is paid on a semester-by-semester fee schedule.

Monthly Memberships

A convenient monthly membership allowing students to join year-round for a flexible way of incorporating STEAM learning into your child’s busy schedule. Monthly memberships include 4 STEAM days per month for a 2-hour block each day

Monthly Memberships allow flexibility for a busy family. This is an option that allows a member to attend classes based on your availability.

After School With Transportation

The IDEA Lab Kids after-school program provides 3, 4, or 5 days-per-week options with convenient transportation options from area schools so children can participate in Coding, Robotics, Cooking, and all available classes.

Convenient transportation options are available from local schools to IDEA Lab Kids campuses. After-school with transportation is paid on a monthly fee schedule.

The After-school Programs Selections

After-school programs introduce and expand children’s exposure to STEAM in a fun and interactive environment.

Whether your child attends the single-day class or the full after-school program, they will gain the benefits of learning additional concepts and obtaining thorough knowledge with each chunk of classes they attend. Popular classes include:

Check your local IDEA Lab Kids campus schedule to view their wide variety of classes.