Events & Workshops

STEAM-Powered Workshops

Workshops are 1-½ to 3-hour sessions of hands-on projects to complete and take home what you built.

Workshops are held weekends or some selected weeknights for students in grades 1-8. 

Topics Include Science, Engineering, Cooking, Art, and Computers.

Pop Up Open Lab

Held on a weekday after school, our Pop-Up Open Labs enable you to experience two different back-to-back classes spanning at least two different subject selections from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

STEM + Arts = STEAM Workshops

STEM + Arts = STEAM workshops span the entire STEAM genres of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and are a great way to experience these concepts in a FUN and IMAGINATIVE workshop setting! Sample workshops include:

Project Focused Workshops

These project-focused workshops are 2-3-hour-long encompassing a detailed study of a given project like how hydraulic crane works, coding, drone piloting, or building a Bluetooth weather station.

Friday Night Workshops

Friday night workshops provide fun, hands-on based custom STEAM-based workshops. Dinner is provided. Workshops typically start at 6 PM and end by 9 PM.