Building Better Brains!

STEAM for Preschoolers

Our programs introduce preschoolers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and All-Around skills in a fun and engaging environment.

IDEA Lab Kids fosters a STEAM Mindset

Our programs open doors for younger minds to think and absorb STEAM Education so they can build on their skills, confidence, and enjoyment of science.

Creative classes encourage Inquiry-Based Learning

Ignite your child’s creativity through exploration and critical-thinking skills that translates to overall success in reading and comprehension! 

Visual Art

Bring out the inner artist with cool, exciting, and FUN Art-rageous preschool art exploration classes. Hands-on projects, messy and creative art, and curiosity-driven projects lead the way for the preschool set.


At IDEA Lab Kids, we are the pioneers for teaching Coding with Bots, Robotics, and Lil’ Engineering to our young preschoolers. Classes are designed to engage, explore, and develop the skills of the preschool crowd.

Culinary Art

A culinary school for preschoolers?! Only at IDEA Lab Kids will you find our preschoolers learning science and math skills while measuring, mixing, kneading, rolling, and chopping through recipes to also build communication skills.

Coding and Programming

Preschool Cool Coders have fun learning to code with their Robotic (“Robotics” or “robot”?) friends and start their journey towards a lifetime of learning technical skills. Early learners develop fine motor skills and develop better hand-eye coordination as a bonus!


If there is one thing that all children love to do, it is asking questions about everything they see, hear, and feel. Age-appropriate, hands-on science provides a mind-rocking positive learning experience!
IDEA Lab Kids’ preschool STEAM curriculum is designed to give students a hands-on approach to early STEAM learning. IDEA Lab Kids’ youngest learners learn big concepts that are catered to their ever-changing and growing minds.
Our preschool STEAM classes run in blocks of 45 minutes. Classes start with the What in the World Powwow to get preschoolers engaged in the fun hands-on learning with other kids their age.

Each IDEA Lab Kids STEAM preschool class starts with a “What in the World Powwow”.

A class facilitator engages the group by showing the object of the day and asking a question such as, “Where do you think this came from?”

As the students answer, the class facilitator passes the object around for the group to touch and feel the object while leading a discussion on why, what, and where questions surrounding the topic. This allows preschool brains to stretch and grow while they ponder on the possibilities!

As the group project of the day begins, the facilitator helps guide the preschooler prepare their supplies to dive into the project. When projects are completed, messy hands are wiped, and parents are greeted with big grins and amazing completed projects at pickup!