What Membership Would Be the Best Fit for Your Child?

Educational membership programs and after-school activities offer long-lasting benefits for kids, keeping them productive, active, entertained, and engaged in a safe environment. It lets children discover interests, learn essential life skills, and form new friendships outside school, which is ultimately helpful in their overall development.


Finding an after-school activity for your children isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. You want to make sure that it will be interesting and fun—something that your kids will feel excited about. Otherwise, it may seem like you’re just given them extra tasks that may make them feel overwhelmed.


One way to choose the right membership programs fitting for your children is to consider their learning style. You must understand that each child has different learning preferences. Some kids follow instructions by simply listening, while others will need visual aids to comprehend the lessons. Others learn best by moving or doing. Find out your children’s learning preferences so you can select the right membership program for them. In case you need help, here are some recommendations for you:


The solitary learner

These types of learners prefer to do things on their own. They are independent and self-aware, able to do self-study without a problem. They often prefer being away from the crowd. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that they won’t need membership programs. It’s a good thing to enroll them in the basic membership, which offers one pre-scheduled class every week. This way, solitary learners can still interact with other kids and learn essential social skills.


The social, interpersonal learner 

These kids thrive in group activities. They love working and collaborating with other people. As social, interpersonal learners can adapt easily to any environment, they do well in the intermediate or unlimited membership program. Having two or more after-school classes where they try various things and meet different people will keep them productive and further their strengths in communication, collaboration, and creativity.


The kinesthetic learner 

One of the kinesthetic learners’ best characteristics is that they never get bored of learning, especially when it involves activities. Unlimited membership programs that offer up to five pre-scheduled STEAM education classes will be great for them because they will stimulate their brain through a fun game or hands-on experience. They will enjoy experimenting, applying what they have learned, innovating, and developing new ideas.


About IDEA Lab Kids

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