Why Coding and Programming are Essential Skills

Are you looking for an extra-curricular activity for your kids? Consider coding or programming classes. It may sound odd to encourage children to take highly technical courses and not arts, swimming, basketball, and other conventional after-school programs. But it could be among the best decisions you can make for your kids. Why? Because coding and programming are now considered “basic” life skills.


Even if your children don’t pursue an IT profession in the future, coding and programming classes will come in handy everywhere. The following points best explain why children should learn coding and programming at an early age.


Coding is the new literacy 

As experts say, coding has become the new literacy. It is a fundamental knowledge building block, and everyone should develop it. It has become as important as reading and writing. The only difference is that instead of allowing you to communicate with others, you can communicate with computers.


Develop other essential skills 

Learning how to code at a young age will not only set your kids off to potentially lucrative careers in the future—it can also enhance essential skills that your kids need today. Through coding, your kids will become smarter, think critically and logically, solve problems, build things, become more creative, etc. When your kids learn to program early in life, they will gain a deeper and more complete understanding of coding and programming principles. This will give them a competitive edge over others.


Coding and programming have now become the new interactive playground for children. Many schools and academic institutions offer such classes to hone young minds and set them up for the future. Their classes are age-specific, fun, and engaging. Activities range from developing applications, designing websites, crafting video games to creating 3D animated objects. Kids look like they are just playing when, in fact, they are developing several future-ready skills.