Is Online Tutoring the Future of Personalized Learning?

The educational sector is among the industries that have been greatly hit by the pandemic. Schools and academic institutions had to adjust to the new normal, taking health and safety protocols more seriously than ever before. While parents may send their kids to schools that have already opened, many still choose to have their children stay in the safety of their homes, taking advantage of online schooling.


Online schools have certainly evolved to become much better these days. Still, they are not perfect. Teachers still find it more challenging to facilitate discussions, activities, or even keep their students’ attention online. In the same way, students are less engaged in the lessons and more distracted. So how can you ensure that your kids get the most from their online classes? This is where online tutoring comes in.


Online tutoring can supplement online classes. It is a one-on-one assistance program that can help students understand their lessons, specifically the areas and topics they find difficult. They can help with homework too. Online tutoring offers a variety of benefits, aside from accessibility, safety, and convenience. Here are some of them.


Designed to fit every child’s needs 

Online tutoring is a face-to-face program. Tutors can tailor fit their teaching style and approaches according to the child’s learning preferences and needs. They can customize activities and lessons and overcome specific learning obstacles, too. This way, kids will be able to comprehend their lessons and be more motivated to study. Also, learners get to move through the lesson at their speed.


Connect using any device 

The online tutoring programs are powered tech platforms used for personal learning needs. Students can study and connect easily using any device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) through it. Great learning experience inside the digital classroom is also guaranteed as they can talk, chat, write, draw, send files, and even re-watch tutoring sessions at any time.